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June 5, 2013 at 8:13pm

Blu Dash 4.0: Stock Android From Manufacturer

Not long ago I discovered that I couldn’t sign in to Youtube on my phone (not a big deal), nor could I sign in on Foursquare (even less of a deal).

But it bugged me, so I looked into it. They both wanted me to install Google Play Services, but whenever I tried to do that, I got an error message that said:

"Incompatible with other applications(s) using the same shared user ID"

I searched around and found this was a common enough problem on Android, and in particular with this phone from Blu.

So I e-mailed Blu’s support e-mail address, and got back this response, which basically shows you how to download and manually install stock/vanilla android on this handset.

Below the e-mail is the PDF they sent me with more detailed instructions.

Good Afternoon, 

Thank you for contacting BLU Products. It is our pleasure to serve you. 

We have an upgrade to the same version of your dash 4.0 that will fix previous bugs. 

Please perform this software upgrade and let us know if it solved your problem. If It doesn’t sign in with your user name please try with another username. 

To upgrade your dash 4.0 please follow the instructions below.                                                                        

Please go to: 

Here is the correct username and password to access the folder: 

Username: blusoft

Password: aplic10 

Please look carefully as the username and password are both lower case letter. 

Folder location Software Aplic/Software Dash 4.0 generic. Please, select the folder that has the name of your model and part number: BLU-D270A or BLU-D270I. 

If the issue still occurs after upgrading the SW, please perform a master reset to the phone. Keep in mind that when making a master reset all your information will be lost, therefore; you want to save it in a secure place. 

Please keep in mind that when this upgrade is done, you will not be able to reverse the phone back to the older software. 

Please perform a master reset after the upgrade is done. 

Should you have any additional questions please contact us,  

Best Regards,

I had to do the factory reset, and so had to completely re-configure my phone, but for the fact that it’s stock android (4.04, same version as the manufacturer provided default without their UI etc. tweaks and bloatware) I’m pretty happy.

Which means Google Play Services installs just fine now.

It also fixed the fact that Google Maps Navigation had not been able to do text to speech, which is nice. I see very little downside so far.

Thumbs up to BLU. Not bad for a $120 unlocked phone w dual SIM (bought from Amazon). Now if only it supported the frequency for 2100 as well as 1900, it’d be absolutely perfect (want to use data in other countries, many of which use 2100 as their “3G” frequency).